Eins mit der NaturMan does not come as a finished product in the world, but for a good purpose appropriate to the individual that he is. To achieve this, he needs a course in which he faces several lessons from training and processing compared to backgrounds and life circumstances.
Life experiences lead him to give a character who subsequently be made to believe in it. This character gives it a way to behave in front of the situation, which gives a picture of the person he is according to the company. By cons, it is called to recognize that this character is not him in person, but his personality. For this it is called to put into learning what it is that life to gain understanding of his true being.
Learning has neither age nor end, as the child learns to feel, touch, hear, see, sit, crawl, stand, walk etc ... This all in rhythm is as well as learning somehow are stages to go and this in all areas.
Man in nature has a high learning ability and indefinite. However, it remains dormant because of the limits we set for ourselves through our thoughts.
At any age and at any time, Man has this capacity; see as example an old man for his first time facing a long journey with which it must be carried by the aircraft he has never seen. He will be told the rules and because of the motivation that drives it will retain all its rules and put in 100% in practice. He learned a new thing in his life.
Learning is a factor which supplies the human-being in life and acquired learning experiences accompanying him during his life course and are responsible for how behaves this to the level of his health, relationships or well-being.
We believe learning can have a general concept responding to a general system in all areas of life. Especially for the behavior of man and his well-being, we must see case by case basis because each individual is different. For this, it is not necessary to take this path without being aware of the importance of learning and this in all areas.
In other words: learning to learn.

• What is it, when we talk about learning to learn.
• How does it work?
• Where it leads?